How to create GIF animation, save to a file and publish in social networks

GIF animation this is a graphic file that contains several raster images that, in the view mode, changing each other creating an effect of the motion, animations. Usually GIF files of small volume and are used for publication on the Internet on sites and in social networks. Because of the small volume, they are quickly loaded and are an indispensable way to demonstrate a short animated plot, funny piece who liked video.

On our site you can easily create GIF animation from your photos or photos of your friends. The resulting file can be placed on your wall, on the site, on the forum, uploaded as an avatar or published in a guest friend.

To start, go to the application.

Here are a few examples of how you can transform your photo into a fun animation

Афоня Balbes, from the Caucasian captive Doctor Evil
Guitarist, frames from the old movie The plot from the movie Kin Dza Dza Dances with the natives