There was a message that the Flash player was unloaded

  1. See action 1.

The application does not work

  1. The Flash Player does not load, you see the message "The application is loading", then nothing happens. See action 1.
  2. Flash Player booted up
    • 2.1. You can see the load indicator, then nothing happens, see action 5.
    • 2.2. The message "The application can not connect with the site!" Appears., see action 5.
    • 2.3. Something else is happening, see action 4.
  3. Something else is happening, see action 4.


  1. Check installation and connection Flash Player
    • 1.1 Mozzila Firefox
      In the menu "Tools"->"Add-ons"->"Plugins". In the list, find "Shockwave Flash"
      if not, then see action 2
      if there is see action 3.
    • 1.2 Opera
      In the left upper corner, click the left button on the "Opera" icon, select "Tools"->"Advanced"->"Plugins".
      Check the inclusion of plug-ins, if not then enable
      In the list find Shockwave Flash
      if not then see action 2
      if there is see action 3.
    • 1.2 Chrome
      Go to the settings (in the menu on the right, from the top choose: "Settings"). Find the "Personal data" section, you may need to open the list with the link "Show advanced settings". Next, select "Content settings", find the "Flash" section. Select "Allow Flash on sites", or add our site to exclusions.
      The same can be done if you click to the left of the address bar of the site.

      For older versions of the browser, in the address bar, type chrome://plugins/, click enter
      In the list, find "Adobe Flash Player"
      if there is, then see action 3.
      if there is, then see action 2.
    • 1.3 Internet Explorer
      In the "Tools" menu, select "Add-ons"
      in the list find "Shockwave Flash Object"
      if there is, then see action 3.
      if not then see action 2.
  2. Install Flash Player from the site
  3. Checking the plugin
    • 3.1 Check the inclusion and resolution, if turned off then enable, if not allowed then. Reload the browser.
    • 3.2 The version of the plug-in must be at least 11, if the installed version is below 11 then see action 2.
  4. Please describe in detail and send an email to e-mail
    • 4.1 The essence of the problem, the address of the application that you open, messages and errors that appear on the screen
    • 4.2 Report, if available, the number at the bottom of the application called "Your ID"
    • 4.2 The name and version of the operating system installed on your device
    • 4.3 The name and version of the browser in which you open the application
  5. Perhaps the application does not load due to incorrect browser settings

The terms

  1. Browser - program for viewing websites
  2. Operating system - complex of control and processing programs providing interaction between the user and the computer, for example Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Android и .т.п
  3. Plugin - independent program module, dynamically connected to the main program and intended to expand and/or use its capabilities.